My latest Directing reel.


I was hired by Reviver Clothing Swipes to make a parody video for their product. This was at the height of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercials so we knew the timing was right.

Starring Tommy Chong

Directed by César Gamiño
Written by Susie Lohse

Produced by Mas Mejor channel, I was brought in to direct it and shoot/edit it in the style of Friday Night Lights.

My first music video. I love cats. Especially the viral cats of the internet. Kat Primeau of the band Sumeau approached us to make this video to her song Pussyhood. Warning: It will STAY in your head! 

Purchase this track at and 50% of proceeds will go to No Kill LA.

Before MADtv’s comeback, actor Jeremy D Howard approached me to make some more sketch videos of his hilarious character, Sumbrella (Sunbrella on MADtv). Also starring Katie Malia (Almost Asian), Kaitlyn Tanimoto, Scott Yamamura, Victor Salvatore, and Chadwick Armstrong.

Before the election, Eddie Mujica approached me to make this hilarious parody of Marco Rubio doing standup for his HBO special.