DIRTY CUES the original Latinx web series

When a Colombian cartel starts laundering money through Spanglish movies, a rookie FBI agent must play the role of a lifetime. Episodes average 6-10 minutes in length. I directed, edited, and starred in it.

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This is the first video that started it all. The parody of the “candle rant lady”. We captured lightning in a bottle with this video. Upon a few hours of its upload it went viral. As in “Viral” viral. We were featured in various publications including ET OnlineYahoo TVPerez HiltonUproxxUSA TodayJezebelBuzzFeedPopSugarGawker and even YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley is quoted “Oh my fucking God, this was everything. This video changed my life.”

You gotta love those kinds of comments!

Special thanks to local news PostCrescent for their article!

This video was made for the company Reviver.

I directed and edited it. Susie wrote it. It even got a write up on Daily Mail and UPROXX!

Being big fans of Game of Thrones we felt we had to create this one. It required tons of prep with all the costumes, wigs and locations. The press enjoyed this one too with reviews from UPROXXTVLineTheHollywoodGossipUncrateTheWrapPerezHilton,

DailyDotPopSugar, CNET and a bunch more!

We became obsessed with Netflix’s documentary Making A Murderer so much that we had to make a parody of it.  The video took off with a life of its own and we got reviewed by  UPROXXUSA TodayEntertainment IE , BroBible, CNet,  SneakHype, and a bunch more! When the 2nd season of MAM came out we brought the series back and rebranded it Carcheski & Schlitz.

Before November 2016, Trump’s son mentioned starting a TV network/channel. We imagined what kind of programs would be highlighted on it’s fall preview.

In this shocking expose, one man is claiming that he made Kanye West famous. Rapper turned fashion designer, Zenius, claims that Kanye has been copying him since they were childhood friends. But are these claims true? After Kanye claimed he made Taylor Swift famous, Zenius decided to step out of the shadows and finally lay claim to the world that he claims Kanye copied. Starring Jeremy D. Howard (MADtv), Shana Eva, and me.

Every Christmas season the Hallmark Channel programs in Christmas movies 24/7. We made our own trailer. Starring Moniqua Plante (Nashville).

We love the 80s. And we believe in equal rights/equal pay. So we made this trailer trying a shot-for-shot of the trailer for the movie BIG. Of course, we did it with a Dirty Cues comedy twist.

Black Friday is insane everywhere, but when we found footage from a Black Friday gone wrong in Wisconsin we knew we had to mix it with another favorite show: Snapped.

We’ve all heard of the show Intervention. What if you combine all the drunk Santa videos out there into a story. THIS.

We made this right after the Miss America pageant of 2014. Miss New York won with her ‘talent’ of cupping. Let’s show the prepping leading up to it ala Rocky Balboa.

Zola is the greatest internet story that was ever told. On Oct. 27, 2015 a Detroit woman named Aziah Wells tweeted a story that’s since been read by millions. The story told entirely on Twitter, broke the internet and left the internet wanting for more. The internet asks, and Dirty Cues delivers! Starring Ego Nwodim (SNL), Jeremy D. Howard (MadTV), Lisa Summerscales, Eddie Mujica, Suilma Rodriguez, Mike Cionni, Myke Brown and Victor Salvatore.

This was an experiment showcasing how we men have no idea about fashion.

A short film based on a bit from an episode from the Adam Carolla podcast with guest comedy writer Peter Mehlman. Starring myself and Shana Eva.

Halloween costumes are getting ‘sexier’ every year based on current events. This was made back in 2015.

When the Ashley Madison scandal broke in August 2015 we needed to see what it would be like for the couples at home.

This epic NSFW reenactment follows Boston man Michael Bergin as he loses his shit over what he thinks may be a “baby fucking whale”. Watch Mike’s hilarious lines come to life as Dirty Cues Productions reenacts this magical water filled day. We portray what is now going down in history as Mike and Jay’s water bromance reeancted at a Red Lobster. It’s still my nephew’s favorite of my videos. (the original video)